Kat Halstead
Kat Halstead

Recovering Retail Goddess, Author of original works and even some fan fiction, and Co-Host of A Very Special Podcast.

Kat lives in Colorado, enjoying the mountain views and the sunshine, especially the sunshine.

Writing has always been a passion, practicing and growing her skills with fanfiction before moving onto original works; every now and then she might dip her toe in the fanfiction pool.

sI’m a twitter addict, and usually tweeting about soap operas or whatever TV show I’m watching a day behind or just then discovering on Netflix.

Current TV Obsessions: Girl Meets World, Days of our Lives, The Blacklist, Telenovela

My Favorite Youtube Channels
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a modern day version of Pride and Prejudice.
Pemberley Digital, home of Welcome to Sanditon and Emma Approved.
What the Buck, celebrity gossip and news.
Robeson Design, great DIY videos, Christmas Decorating advice, and a behind the scenes look at the design business.
Robin Moses, an amazing collection of Nail Art tutorials. I can get lost in these videos for hours.
My Froggy Stuff, great if you like to make items for Barbie, American Girl and other dolls.

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